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Sport Skills for Employment

Tempo Finito (Coordinator) is a newcomer in European projects, having collaborated, however, with the San Jorge University in the Small Collaborative GEO-LUDENS, FAN-OUT, A-TWIN and KIDS IN ACTION projects. With a constant spirit of improvement and contributing to the community, they have decided to be the applicants this time.

TEMPO FINITO is a company specialized in sport projects development usually in the natural environment; focused in innovation, they offer different services for sports event organizers as well as sports promoters, public bodies, schools, federations and sports clubs.

It has different business lines:

It also develops specific programs for the promotion of women in sports such as CYCLOPHE WOMEN RUNNING and CYCLOPHE TRAIL, as well as sports promotion programs in childhood and youth such as TRAIL KIDS Trail Running School and TECNI-TRAIL for adolescents.

They have a long experience organizing urban and nature orienteering events with the Aragonese Federation for Primary and Secondary schools; together with the Aragonese Mountain Sports Federation, they have developed different projects and activities both in rural and urban environments. They work on local, regional, national and international events related to Trail Running, Ultratrail running, BTT, mountain Bike events…

They usually collaborate with Fundación Universidad San Jorge to develop sport projects (at a local, national or European level) as well training internship students, testing innovative methodologies, gadgets and designing mobile webs and Apps for different programmes. TEMPO FINITO’s team for the projects incorporates people experienced in the fields of Sociology, Management, Education, Technologies, Sport Sciences and Health Sciences.

Tempo Finito, as coordinator, would be in charge of Project Management, monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation. They will prepare meeting agenda and minutes. They guarantee that all partners have the necessary information to carry out their work on time, they plan measures to resolve possible conflicts that may arise, as well as foresee potential risks, their degree of occurrence and relevance, and possible solutions.

Tempo Finito Team for this project consists of a project manager (Gloria Bataller, CEO), team manager and coach (Sara Coscolla) and a sport event’s organizer (Pep Vega).


Is the main centre of technological innovation in the Ebro Valley and has great prestige among the group of both Spanish and European universities it has relations with.

In the year 1542 the University of Zaragoza was granted the authority to take the giant step to become what we today call University. That was four hundred and fifty years ago and is what we remember, but it was necessary to continue the endeavour, and many illusions were lost by the wayside, until others who kept or received their enthusiasm and avoided obstacles, as did Pedro Cerbuna, gave their best efforts and were able to create the General School of All Faculties in 1583, whose fourth centenary was celebrated in 1983.

It offers grade and master degrees in Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering and Technology degrees. It is organised in three campuses in the provincial capitals of Aragon: Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel. Its 17 faculties and university schools are located on these campuses.

Through the Vice-Rectorship for Internationalization and Cooperation, the University of Zaragoza participates in various exchange programmes, collaborating with universities and research centres from Europe, Latin America and the USA, thereby strengthening its international standing.

Among its 170 research groups is ENFYRED, Entrenamiento, Actividad Física Y Rendimiento Deportivo (Enfyred, S5-_20D) led by Dr. Franscisco Pradas.

The research group aims to promote, as a preferential focus, on the one hand, applied research and knowledge in the field of training, related to physical health and physical performance in the field of training, related to physical health and physical and sporting performance and sporting performance; and, on the other hand, to reinforce and encourage physical activity in the various educational different educational areas, from different fields of action, such as sports initiation, sustainable mobility and the sustainable mobility and the increase in the practice of physical exercise, reinforcing scientific interest and basic scientific interest and basic culture, but also incorporating innovation and technological development, applied and development, applied and limited to the specificities and needs of the Autonomous Community of Aragon.

Is a company specialized in sport events and sport projects development; focused on innovation, they offer different services for sports event organizers as well as sports promoters, federations and sports clubs.

It has different business lines:

Sunlive is a global brand in sports events; well-known in the art of welcoming and as a provider of quality personalized services, also a developer and host of innovative sports events, highlighting the Olympics sports and the human values in sports. The vision that started Sunlive in 2007, of growing together, establishing trust as the principle of partnership, and always aiming to innovate and go further.

Today, Sunlive is present and active in several continents, countries, locals and events. This presence with solid knowledge in sports events and through Sunlive partners, experts, coaches, and athletes. Sunlive organizes and promotes training camps and sports events in various modalities as  Gymnastics (Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic, Teamgym), Basketball, Football, Karate, Cycling (Indoor Cycling, BMX, MTB, XCO)….

 A short list of some of the most representative events and training camps that Sunlive has organized and co-organized in the past years:

Sunlive works in partnership with several entities, such as federations and clubs and is currently represented in several countries, including Malta, Tunisia, Macau and Qatar. Some of their partners are Portuguese Gymnastics Federation, Portuguese Cycling Federation, European Cycling Federation, Malta Gymnastics Federation, Qatar Gymnastics Federation,

With this background, they will make all their experience available to the project, a wide international sample of poets to be able to meet its ambitious objectives, as well as their powerful dissemination platforms. They will lead the pilot experience (Project Action 8) and the Awareness campaign (Project Action 10).

Sunlive Project Team consists of a project manager (Lucas Hetzel, CEO), team manager and expert in logistics (Dilma Almeida), and a teacher with experience in European projects (Alberto Cardoso).

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