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The Project

Sport Skills for Employment

This project aims to contribute to European employability policies through sport, evaluating, classifying and valuing the learning and skills acquired in the different types, objectives and modalities of sports practice.

What are the values of sport?

What are soft skills?

How can sport contribute to soft skills for a better social and labor insertion of youth?

Soft skills refer to the social skills that are only acquired in daily life and that allow people to successfully integrate into work environments. Motivation, active listening, personal and social responsibility, autonomy or teamwork are some of the most demanded by employers nowadays; some of them could be key aspects when it comes to achieving leadership positions (confidence, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

The European Commission has developed a specific funding line for projects related to these dual careers and the reintegration of athletes into social and professional life once their sports careers have ended.

However, so far no project or strategy has focused on analyzing with real cases what are the values of sport and the associated soft skills depending on the type of practice (performance, competition, recreational), the modality and its objectives (health, fun, fitness, relaxation.). Analyzing these aspects, a first step could be taken towards a European letter of certification of skills acquired through sport, this being a pilot experience for future actions in this regard.

The main target group in this project is youth that do sport, since it is to them that the proposed actions are directed. Secondarily, policymakers in the field of sport and youth are also the target of this proposal, since the pilot experience that this project will entail will generate knowledge based on experience on which to decide strategies and actions.

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